After breakfast this morning we left our hotel in Negombo to travel to Dambulla. I am looking forward to today’s excursions as we have an elephant safari this afternoon.

The architect enthusiast in me is very dissapointed  as one of the buildings in my favourite book ‘1001 buildings you must see before you die’ is situated close to Dambulla (but when I researched it I found that it is too hard for me to get to).

On route to Dambulla we stopped at a temple. I took this opportunity to ask our tour guide Cham if he had ever heard of a hotel near Dambulla that was almost built into the hillside (or at least looks that way) – long shot! To my surprise and joy he had. It seems as if it is quite famous as it is very different to surrounding architecture. The amazing tour guide that he is Cham was able to arrange a car to take me there whilst the rest of the group were at the temple. I was very excited now to see a building that I thought that I had no chance of seeing and on the same day as an elephant safari! Perfect!

The driver arrived and took me to the Kandalama hotel he was wonderful and arranged for me to have a look around inside the hotel.

DSC06956DSC06959Designed by Geoffrey Bawa in 1994 The hotel is barely visible in this second photo, blended perfectly into the beautiful surroundings.

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