Ein Abend in Wein


I was lucky enough to be staying in a good, fairly central location in Vienna, perfect for some building spotting. The only problem is that there are so many buildings in Vienna from ‘the building book’, (13 to be precise) that I think it may take more than one trip to see them all!


I arrived in Vienna early afternoon via train. After dropping off my bag I spent the time before check-in exploring the surrounding area. I found the lovely Museum Quarter and visited an architecture exhibition. Which was very interesting and gave me a great idea of what was in store for my trip in Vienna.

After a much needed power nap I went out for dinner. With the aim of maximising my time here I went in search of building no. 1.

Haas Haus, located very close to the Stephansplatz metro station. I did that thing again and nearly missed the building only to turn around and see it right in front of me.

This striking contemporary building really stands out on this square which is full of beautiful and more traditional Viennese architecture.

The entire square was lovely with lots of interesting styles and details.


For me and I’m sure that most will agree the most impressive structure on this square  was this. A must when visiting Vienna.


St. Stephens Cathedral the heart of the square that bears its name.

The sun was still shining so I ate my Wiener schnitzel (when in Rome) outside with the most amazing view, which was made even more special when the Cathedral’s bells started ringing.

My first little Viennese adventure has been very successful, let’s hope the rest of the trip is as good.


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