Day 4

Barcelona Day 4

This is the lovely footbridge that we walk over on the way to the metro station.DSC05990I think that I exercised the art of compromise very well today. Two amazing Gaudi buildings, in exchange for one.

We had planned to see the Casa Mila and the Casa Batllo today but due to cost and taking into account what my friend wanted to do we decided to go to the Palau Guell (and I have actually been to the other two before, so I thought this was a fair compromise).

DSC05995The building has a modest entrance but looking closely at the iron work all of the Gaudi detail is there.

Look at these amazing details.

The tour starts at the very bottom with the stables.DSC06017DSC06020DSC06006I’m not sure what I was expecting from this building. All that I previously knew of it was the roof top with the famously designed Gaudi chimneys. I can honestly say that I was surprised and blown away by the beauty of this building and the interiors, but then it does have the word palace in its title.dsc06041.jpgDSC06054DSC06060DSC06064

This bullding was Gaudi’s first commission from Guell. Gaudi collaborated with other craftsman and designers to complete this building.DSC06071This fireplace (along with a few others that look very similar to this one) was designed by Gaudi.

DSC06097After six Glorious floors, this is it! We are about to step outside onto the Wonderful roof of the Palau Guell. I cannot remember how long I have waited for this moment. Last time I was here I remember that the building was closed for some reason.DSC06207DSC06158DSC06152DSC06161DSC06227Wow! Is all I can say, definitely worth the wait.DSC06149 2This is definitely my Favourite chimneyDSC06162Some more great views of the city.

After the Palau Guell we needed a sit down and some food as we spent about two hours walking around the building and listening to the very informative audio guide.

A little unsure of what to do next, and fast running out of funds we decided to find the music hall, the Palau De La Music. After walking there we arrived twenty minutes too late for the last tour of the day. Unfortunately access to the inside of the building is by guided tour or by going to a performance only. But we did get some lovely exterior shots, and it does leave me with something to do on my next visit to Barcelona.DSC06280DSC06298

A little bit of art deco detailing  in this very nouveau city.DSC06321Just time for a few more pics along the way.DSC06242

DSC06250DSC06252dsc06253.jpgDSC06254So unfortunately for me that is pretty much it for this visit to Barcelona. Now there is only time, (and enough money) for a coffee and a quiet night in.

DSC06335Well almost it, I can never resist a photo opportunity.

Barcelona you’ve been utterly fabulous and even more amazing than I remembered. Farewell, until we meet  again!

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