Otto Wagner

b. 13.07.1941 d. 11.04.1918

As a member of the Viennese Secession movement Wagner was a pioneering architect in Vienna and Europe known for his work in the Jugendstil style. Vienna is still full of Wagner’s work today including arguably one of the most famous Jugendstil (Art Nouveau) works of all time, the Karlplatz pavilions. whilst I was in Vienna I was lucky enough to visit three of Wagner’s great works, the Karlplatz pavilion, Majolica House and the Post Office Savings bank. These buildings are amongst my favourite buildings that I have been luck enough to see.

Majolica House

DSC08241Majolica House – Otto Wagner – 1899

Majolica House is a beautiful example of the Jugendstil movement. The facade is the only visible part of the building. The interior is privately owned, apartments I think. It is difficult to to clearly see all of the details of this building. You have to cross the road to get a good view but the detailing in the design of this exterior is striking. Another Wagner gem.