Architectural Diaries

Glasgow Day 5

Today is sadly my last day in Glasgow. I don’t have to be at the airport until about 3pm so I am going to try and cram in two small adventures.

Even though I definitely want to return to Glasgow I thought that I would like to see at least one of the buildings from the 1001 buildings book.

Glasgow has been a little disappointing. Quite a few buildings that I have wanted to see have been closed at this time of year, and others shrouded in scaffolding or undergoing restoration you get the picture, I’m not bitter at all, but I do need to see at least one of the buildings from the book.

I took a taxi to the St Vincent Street Church. As the building was closed I asked the taxi driver to wait for me whilst I had a good look around and took some pictures of the exterior. Another fabulous Glaswegian building.


Although closed today I got to have a good look at the building exterior. Look at some of the beautiful detailing that you cannot see in the above picture.


There we go at least I can tick off one building from the 1001.

I got back in the taxi to go to the Mackintosh Church in Queen’s cross, also home to the Charles Rennie Mackintosh society.

Looking at this church from across the road it is very plain to see that this is a Mackintosh building. however, I arrived at the building by a taxi that approached from the side and I was quite underwhelmed. For a few seconds I genuinely thought the driver had brought me to the wrong place, which is what made the following few seconds all the more magical as I began to notice every little beautiful detail that makes a Mackintosh a Mackintosh.





You could almost be forgiven for mistaking this church’s interior as any other traditional church interior. This is the genius of this building. All the subtle Mackintoshisms make this building really special whilst still achieving the simplistic interior that was required.


Above are perfect examples of what set this church apart from any other.


Interestingly small Mackintosh details have been introduced into the surrounding area, like this Mackintosh inspired clock tower and some of the front doors have used the nine square formation that Mackintosh was famous for.

Do you like what I did there!

With about two hours to go before I need to leave for the airport I think I have just about enough time for one last Mackintosh gem…And I really need a coffee.

On my limited time frame I decided to head to a much lesser known and more hidden Mackintosh masterpiece. The Daily Record Building. I was quite shocked to see such an amazing and beautiful building down such a narrow backstreet alley. I had a good look at the building and took some photos, although it was hard to take a good photo due to the narrow proximity of the lane.


I poked my head into the building, now a cafe called Stereo but nothing left of Mackintosh to see in there so I wandered back onto the main road for a chance to see some of the city’s other lovely buildings and also to get that much needed coffee.


Very happy with my day today. Not only did I manage my two adventures but I also had time for another along the way. Successful day and now it’s time to go to the airport. Bye bye Glasgow.