Architectural Diaries 

Glasgow Day 4

I have a concert tonight so I’m going to have a quieter day on the sightseeing front. I am very eager to get to the university building as I can see it from my hotel room, and after getting a bit closer to it yesterday I am very keen to explore it further.

DSC04707Just in case anyone has forgotten this is what the building looks like. Taken from a distance this is one of the best photos I have of this building. It’s one of those that you need to view at a distance to appreciate fully. it’s so huge that there’s no chance of getting it all into a photo once you get up there.



I walked to the university through this beautiful park, admiring my surroundings along the way.


Wow, What a building! No more words needed.


Here are some pictures from inside and around this building.






I think we can all agree that I’ve taken a lot of photos of the university (could easily show you more), but since the building itself is so stunning and so huge I think that it’s a proportionate amount. Definitely check this building out.

In one of those wonderful coincidences that you often find when wondering around with no particular aim I find myself just across the road from the Huntarian gallery and of course the Mackintoish house. I love it when things like this happen!

After crossing said road however I was drawn to this lovely building.

DSC04971Part of the university This fine example of Art Deco architecture sadly seems to have fallen under the radar and looks a little under appreciated and unloved. But wow, just when I thought my day couldn’t get any better.



The Mackintosh house certainly did not disappoint. Beautiful throughout with some stunning pieces of original mackintosh furniture the whole exhibit was a really wonderful experience. Unfortunately though photography was prohibited so I have nothing to show you from this exhibit other than this exterior photo, and a quote which I think sums up the place perfectly.

“An almost mystical sense of peace is achieved by his wide Surfaces. There is an impact of monumentality, broken only occasionally by a small, superimposed ornament. its effect in turn is of a jewel”. Hermann Muthesius, 1906.

This quote refers to the bedroom but I feel could be applied to the entire house especially   those furnished in white.



DSC05001Sorry. Just one more of the university, taken whilst on my way home.

IMG_1323Back in my hotel now and this lovely rainbow frames the beautiful view from my window, and I managed to avoid the rain. Great day.