SEC (Armadillo) Building



DSC04368.JPGSEC Armadillo Building – Foster and Partners – 2000

I was particularly excited to see this building when visiting Glasgow. There is something about that armadillo shape that I am drawn to although I think I would have got better pictures and a better view from across the river.

Norman Foster

Norman Foster of Foster and Partners b. 01.06.1935.

Foster is a leading figure of contemporary architecture whose work is noticeable throughout London. Buildings include the gherkin, the London City hall and a wonderful roof  that frames the great court of the British museum excellently.

Foster has also designed buildings farther afield. Two that I have been lucky enough to see are the HSBC Building in Hong Kong and a contemporary roof structure that was added to the Reichstag building in Berlin after fire destroyed part of the original building.

Daily Record Building

DSC05171Daily Record Building – Charles Rennie Mackintosh – 1901

The Daily Record building was originally designed for the purposes of printing newspapers with office space above. I was quite shocked to see such an amazing and beautiful building down such a narrow backstreet alley. I had a good look at the building and took some photos, although it was hard to take a good photo due to the narrow proximity of the lane.

dsc05172.jpgThe building is now a cafe called Stereo but if there ever were any Mackintosh interiors they have long since been removed.