Vienna Day 2

Today is my last day in Vienna so I need to make it count. Fortunately I’ve got plenty of time for a couple more buildings at least! My sights are set on two buildings in particular, which I think is doable.

First stop Hundertwasser house. as well as being one of the buildings in ‘the book’ it is also a popular place to visit and Hundertwasser is a well known artist that I have already heard of. I spotted this building from quite a distance in the taxi. As with all of Hundertwasser’s work it is unmistakable, you cannot miss it.


This house was built as an eco housing community and is not open to the public but believe me when I say there is plenty to see from the outside.

DSC08314DSC08315dsc08318.jpgdsc08324-e1556293952952.jpgI found this unicorn on the the terrace which is also a coffee shop which gives you a chance to see the interior of one of the units in this complex.

Although not particularly to my personal taste there is no denying the presence of this building. It is a interesting sight to behold, and a place that is well worth visiting.

My next stop is not too far away on the metro. I am looking for the Gasometer apartment buildings which should not be too hard to find given that the station is called Gasometer. Sometimes things never seem to go to plan however. It’s so hot that the heat is draining me fast. I thought it would be much easier to ask someone or get a taxi. As I’m searching for the address on my phone, I turn briefly to the right and the building is there right in front of me!


The old gasometers have been converted into apartments and office spaces and are all linked centrally by a shopping mall. It is Gasometer B (pictured above) that features in ‘the book’. The new glass structure was designed by the Viennese architect firm Coop and Himmelb(l)au.

Well that’s another done and I have to say I’m doing pretty well having had less than two full days in Vienna. That’s 8 buildings ticked off of the list. Since I’m making such good time I’m sure I have time for at least one more before I have to go to the airport. After careful consideration I’ve decided upon Wagner’s post office building. I am very keen to see this building and I have heard that it’s future is uncertain so I need to get in there while I still can.


DSC08398I spotted this beautiful building on the way.

I then did my usual trick of walking past the building, turning around and then seeing right there in front of me, I’m really good at that. Or in this case walking into the wrong, (but also beautiful, see pics below) building and then getting directed to the correct one which is just around the corner. Serves me right for trying to be clever and taking the shadier route to avoid the heat.



Faced now with the correct building I am suitably impressed although the building is a little different to what I was expecting.

DSC08358DSC08360DSC08362Although beautiful in my opinion  I think that it’s the interior of this building that has the wow factor. I had no idea how much of the original interior still remained and I am so glad now that I chose this building as my last stop in Wien.


Even the Metro station reminds me of Wagner!

Sadly that’s it for this trip and all that is left for me is a trip to the airport and a flight home to Bristol. I have really enjoyed my short stay in Vienna and I hope to return to this beautiful city very soon. I may have said this about every city that I’ve visited recently, but I really mean it.

Too little time.

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