Vienna Day 1

For my first full day here in Vienna  I have decided to go to Karlsplatz. I know that there are two buildings in this area so I thought it would be a good place to start.

I found this building fairly easily and I was more than pleasantly surprised when I first saw it. What a wonderful start to the day.

dsc08086.jpgKarls Kirche (listed in the ‘building book’ as Church of St Charles Borromeo)

This building has lots of different features and incredible details. Here are some pictures.

Not disappointed by there inside either. The Church is stunning.

DSC08055DSC08059Especially the ceiling.DSC08074DSC08081

What is quite unique is this scaffold tower, (pictured above) which allows you to get a much better view of that ceiling. I braved the tower to get those views and whilst up there I saw this!

DSC08065.JPGBuilding no.3! Well that saves a lot of wandering around getting lost, which in this heat, is a massive bonus.

DSC08078.JPGRight, I think I need to get down, the vertigo is really starting to kick in.DSC08052Just a few more pics from this amazing Church.

I was blown away by this next building. I may say this about lots of places that I visit but this building (the Karlsplatz Metro Station) is one of my favourite buildings and is a lovely example of Viennese Jugendstil (the Austrian equivalent of Art Nouveau) which is a style that I particularly love.


There are two of these pavilions designed by Otto Wagner which mirror each other and stand above the metro station. I stopped here for a coffee and to take in the view. One of the pavilions is now a coffee shop. The other is a Wagner museum.



My next stop, not far from here, so I’m told is the Seccession building. It wasn’t hard asking for directions to this building as it actually features on a Viennese  50 cent coin.


Another beautiful building but different to what I have seen so far.


The Secession building was designed by Josef Maria Olbrich and founded by the secessionists. The motto printed in gold on the front of this building reads “To every age its Art. To every Art its freedom.”

The Secessionists created the building and a style that did not take reference from the past.

Below shows pictures of the current exhibitions.

The basement of this building houses an exhibition of some of the work of Gustav Klimt, (one of the founding secessionists) and most importantly the Beethoven frieze, painted on the walls in one of the rooms in the basement.

Unfortunately photography was prohibited for the Klimt exhibition but I can say that there is something truly magical about seeing the original artwork of an artist such as Klimt, especially in this setting.


DSC08164I’m off back in the other direction now to Wien museum.

IMG_3258img_3255.jpgThe picture above shows a model of Wagner’s proposed design for the Wien museum which unfortunately was not realised.

For me the most interesting part of this museum was the Otto Wagner exhibition. What struck me most was the artistry and detailing in some of his drawings, very beautiful but ver different to the Wagner style that I know and love.


DSC08228This photo shows a reconstruction of Wagner’s design for the facade of ‘Die Zeit’ (The Times newspaper)

After a jam packed hot and exhausting day I’m off to my hotel for Eine kleine Pause before dinner!

DSC08231Thought these steps leading in to the Karlplatz metro (just underneath the Pavilion) were interesting and a bit quirky!

This also made me smile!

After a rest I’m ready to go again. The plan for this evening is to find the Majolica House, another of Wagner’s buildings and also another from ‘the book’ I have googled it. It’s not too far away on foot and more importantly it looks easy to find.

Of course I got lost! I gave up after I couldn’t even find any of the streets on google maps that I was supposed to be close to! In the end I got in a taxi which dropped me right outside but unfortunately it’s a little darker now so my photos aren’t great.

DSC08241The apartments are private so I could not go in. I also found this lovely building of similar style next to it and I’m not sure if it’s all part of the same building but I plan to find out.

DSC08245Sightseeing is over for today now it’s dinnertime.

Actually I did take a little detour on the way home. It seemed a shame not to especially since it is not far away from my hotel and I probably won’t get the chance to come back here on my short trip.

I stopped outside the Burg theatre so that I could take a picture and officially tick it off of my list. Apologies, the photos Arn’t great.

DSC08270dsc08280.jpgThe Burg theatre also happens to be opposite the Town Hall (Rathaus) which was an added bonus as it is lit up beautifully this evening.dsc08278-e1556033611664.jpg

That really is it for today! 5 buildings, 1 day, very, very happy!

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