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Glasgow Day 3

Day 3 in this wonderful city and this is the great view from my window.


I had a lazy morning this morning followed by a leisurely stroll to the Kelvingrove museum. I found this beauty of a building (as seen from my bedroom window) on the way.


Not too sure what this building is, no signage, I think that it may have been converted into apartments.

DSC04703I thought that the windows on this building were worth a mention. Beautiful.

Blown away, not for the first time in since arriving in Glasgow when I saw the Kelvingrove museum. The building behind it (the Glasgow University) is pretty special too.


Even the lampposts are amazing!



I am pleased to say that the interior of this beautiful building definitely lives up to its stunning exterior. I enjoyed looking around this museum but of course, for me the highlight was the Mackintosh exhibition, no surprises there!! Although I was very disappointed not to see the famous original Willow Tea Room doors (which I was told were on display in this museum). I later found out that the doors were only on loan to the museum and have since been returned to their owners, and so the plot thickens. I am really hoping this means that they are being reinstated in time for the reopening of the tea rooms on 217 Sauchihall St next year.



I particularly enjoyed the Mackintosh exhibit. It was lovely to see the layouts of the tea rooms with some original pieces, and I actually felt a stronger more authentic sense of Mackintosh here than I did at the Tea Rooms on Buchanan Street that I visited yesterday.


 The above photo shows a beautiful replicated layout of the Ladies Luncheon Room from the Ingram Street Tea Rooms. The fabulous panels seen above the table in this image were designed by Mackintosh and his wife Margaret. The two panels ‘The May Queen’ (left) and ‘The Wassail’ (right) were also on display in this room after being exhibited in Vienna.


This photo shows a replicated layout of the Chinese Room designed by Mackintosh in 1911. Asked by Miss Cranston to redesign her tea room Mackintosh takes inspiration from the orient.

A beautiful and fascinating museum, I could spend hours here and I did. Then I went for coffee! Another great day in Glasgow and I’ve barely even stepped out of the hotel today as this museum is right on my doorstep, which is lucky really because it’s cold!

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